Lucas van de Wakker



Lucas was born in the roaring sixties of the former century in The Hague.
The Hague is a beautiful city just behind the dunes and where the Dutch government is settled. It’s also known for it’s great pop bands, like The Golden Earring, Shocking Blue and Anouk.  It is also well known for it’s art culture.
Famous and well known by the great public are Panorama Mesdag and the collection in The ‘Mauritshuis’.

This is what triggered him! From his early youth on he was interested in drawing and in his teens he started to paint.
His greatest motivator from high school was his art teacher, Rob Volmer. He saw Lucas’ talent and mainly his motivation and drive. Rob persuaded him to take his artwork to the next level.

In the early days of painting Lucas worked the genre of phantasy art; mainly inspired by artists like Boris Vallejo, Carel Willink and Johfra.

Later on he started to focus  more and more on realism. Being an autodidact and wanting to achieve a higher level of quality in his work,  he realized  he needed to set out on a quest for people who could really help him.
In this search he met Arjan van Gent who had just started the Sint Lucas Atelier.  Here Lucas learned the techniques of the old Dutch masters; Rembrandt, Vermeer and Rubens.

Today Lucas is specialized in photorealism and is always trying to look at his new works from a different angle.
This way ‘Slingbacks on a mirror’ could be realized. The amazing 3D-effect is a combination of new ideas and old techniques.

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Lucas working at his latest painting